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This entry tells you how you can add content pages to your community, and change those content pages to use different page layout templates. Please note that this is considered an advanced feature, and should not be attempted unless you feel comfortable with all of the steps.

First some definitions:
  • Parent Page. This is a page that has its own web address without requiring any other variables. For example "welcome.htm", the Literal Page, might live at this URL: http://my.golightly.com/welcome.htm
  • Child Page. A page that "lives" under a Parent page, and is generated because of certain variables in the URL. For example "welcome.htm?page=new_member"
  • Content Page. A content page might be either a Parent Page or a Child Page.
  • Language Page. GoLightly stores site content in the database, organized by "Language Pages". Each language page has an unlimited number of language items stored under it. These language items are Name & Value entries. For example, the "new_member" Language Page might have 3 fields stored under it: page_title, page_body, and html_title. Each of these fields will have a value.
  • Language Item. Any Field Name + Value pair.
  • Language Field Name. This is the name of a language item that lives under a page. This might be "left_item_header" for example, and refer to a language variable that is placed on a Page Template.
  • Language Field Value. This is the value (typically plain text or HTML) stored for a language field name. For example the Language Field Value for "left_item_header" might be "Welcome to California".
  • Page Template. This is a Smarty template that contains HTML, style tags, language variable, JavaScript and anything else you want displayed on your Content Page. Each Page Template can be applied to multiple Content Pages. All content-related Page templates are stored here: "Admin Tools" > "Edit (advanced)" > "Select Page to Edit" > page_templates
  • Language Page Default Values. These are all of the values that are added to a new Language Page when created. You can change these default values here: "Admin Tools" > "Edit (advanced)" > "Select Page to Edit" > language_page_default_values

Each Content Page you want to create will need its own Language Page.

Lets use the Content Page "welcome.htm" as an example.
  • "welcome.htm" uses the Language Page "welcome_main". All of the language on welcome.htm is stored on the "welcome_main" Language Page.
  • welcome.htm uses a Page Template also called "welcome_main". We specify that this is the template we want to use by editing (or creating if it doesn't exist) the Language Item with the Language Field Name "template". In this "template" field, we specify the Page Template to use from the "page_templates" Language Page. In this case, we enter the value "welcome_main"
  • When we are creating or editing a Page Template, values like "{$l_page_body}" refer to variables. "l_page_body" refers to a Language Item with the Language Field Name "page_body". We highly recommend that you NOT put site content directly on a Page Template, but instead pass in all site content using these variables.

See also:

Community Branding Decisions (Header & Footer)
Editing your Welcome Page
Editing your CSS or Community Logo

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Default Re: Changing the layout of content pages (changing template)

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If I want to change the font size for the headings on the welcome page (ie "Welcome to our Community" and "Question of the Week", is this changed somewhere in Admin tools or the CSS?
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Default Re: Changing the layout of content pages (changing template)

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Katie - you could do that by editing the module (Turn Edit Links On)

Then in the Name of Module box you can use HTML code to specify font size.
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