Default How do you measure the success of your Social Network?

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What are the metrics you use to measure the success of your GoLightly Social Network? (Please click the "Post Reply" button below and add your thoughts!)

Here are some example success metrics:

Getting the word out
  • 10% of our members will have visited the community or replied to a message within 6 months of launch
  • 75% of all members who have logged in have uploaded a profile picture within [insert time frame]

Social Network Stickiness
  • Across all of those that visited the community, we will average 30 PVE per month within 3 months
  • Monthly "percent engaged" will be > 20% for next 3 months
  • Increase forum usage by 5% every three months
  • Increase PVE by 5% per month
  • Increase number of moderators by 10% in 6 months

Membership Retention (after 1st year)
  • Of the members that visited the social network, more than 90% renewed their membership, versus 70% of the members that did not visit the community

Organizational Efficiency
  • We are using the Social Network to save 20 hours of staff time each month due to chapters being able to talk amongst themselves without staff intervention
  • Members look to the Social Network for answers before emailing staff

Chapter Engagement
  • 60% of our chapters are using the Social Network to announce their events, discuss upcoming meetings, or share useful documents or links
  • Increase listserv participation by 5% per month

Identify Change Agents
  • We will have identified 10 members who can help us with our online presence within the first 6 months.

Here are measurable goals a community might use:

1. Monthly "percent engaged" will be > 20% for next 3 months
2. Increase listserv participation by 5% per month
3. Increase forum usage by 5% every three months

To accomplish these goals, the following could be done:
  • Update your profile: encourage others to update their profiles
  • Tag your profile with relevant interests, making it easier your community members to find each other
  • Set-up/link groups to iMIS and decide who your moderators are going to be. Get those moderators to think about relevant discussion topics and create a plan for posting questions/topics to the group listservs to get conversations started.
  • Add calendar events
  • Get a list of your most frequently asked questions and begin categorizing them. You can use this to come up with Forum categories or topics.
  • Answer member questions quickly

  • PVE = page views + emails sent: PVE's are a direct measure of community activity, and are one good indication of the value received by an association's members.
  • Many of the statistics mentioned can be viewed in the Admin Tools > User Activity section

See also:

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As a new moderator, this has been something I've been thinking about. I think the ideas above are great and look forward to reading other's input. Once we have our stie more stabalized, this is on the top of my priority list!

Thanks for getting this conversation goign, Dale.
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