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Q. Group Participants: How can I find out who is a member of any particular Group?

A. For the most part, for any Group of which you are a member, you can click My Groups in the white links at the very top of each Community Network page, then click the name of the Group to go to its homepage (or search using the All Group feature and a word in the Group title--there are many ways to find a Group). On the homepage, you will see all the faces and names of the participants. To get a listing that has more information, look for Participants in the yellow collection of links in the left column. Clicking that will take you to a listing of participants. Alternately, you could click on the words X persons that follow the heading Participants in the right column labeled Group Info--a blue box with white wording. That goes to the same screen.

For a Group of which you are not a member, you can find out many members by using the Search function's All Groups option and typing words from the Group name, if known. Or you can browse through the Group Categories to find a particular topic, or choose List All Groups from the main Group page accessed by the blue tab at the top of each Group page, or listed at the top left column of any Group page. This may be a long list, however! Once you find the Group, you can see the members in the box of images on the main page, or for more details, click on Participants to see the members.

Once you are on the page listing details about members of a Group, you have several options. By clicking the headings above the names, you can choose to sort the participants by first or last name. By using the alphabet tool above the listing, you can click any highlighted letter to see just members whose last or first name starts with a particular letter.

Note that members of Groups can choose to not display their membership outside the Group's members, so any list you see may not include every single member of the Group. The same goes for listings on people's profiles--they may choose not to list membership in certain Groups for privacy reasons.

If you are the moderator of a list, you will see a link to invite members to the Group at the top of each page in the listing. At the bottom of listings with more than one page are navigation tools to help you page through the listing (previous, next, page numbers).

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