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How Do I Make My WORKGroup An Announcement Or Newsletter List


Q. How do I make my Group an announcement/newsletter list?

A. Sometimes you may wish to make an announcement-only or a newsletter Group, where only the moderator can post, any posts to the list ONLY go to the moderator, and any replies to the Group email list bounce to the moderator only.

In the Create New Group or Edit Group Settings/Edit Group Info page for your Group (you get there by clicking Edit Settings on a Group you moderate), click the choice Closed Group. This way, only Group Members you directly add can join. You can give an email address (the moderator's) for potential Group Members to use to request to join the Group. In your Group description, note that the Group is for outgoing announcements only, and that unauthorized messages will not be distributed.

First, once you have finished setting up your Discussion (see Starting a new WORKGroup), select Edit Email List Information from the options in yellow on the Group home page. Under Moderated Email List select Moderated. This will mean that only moderators can send email messages to the Group.

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