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Click any link for information on a particular topic--there are many subsections in each collection below that will help you have an enjoyable experience here and find your answers easily. For an alphabetical listing of ALL our Help Files, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

New Members

  • Definitions: Definitions of some potentially confusing or unfamiliar terms used on the Community Network

  • Registration[new page]

  • Signing In[new page]

  • Editing my Profile[new page]

  • Exploring[new page]

  • Using this Community Network Effectively[new page]

    • Using the Internet[new page]

      • Visual Impairment[new page]

  • Foreign Languages[new page]

  • Setting the Home Page[new page]

Common Tasks

  • Searching: How to find someone or something on the Community Network.

    • Searching Groups[new page]

    • Searching Libraries[new page]

    • Searching Email Archives[new page]

    • Searching Blogs[new page]

    • Searching Forums[new page]

  • Updating Contact Information[new page]

  • Privacy Settings[new page]

  • Printing[new page]

  • Email Settings: How to customize how you view the email from each Group you participate in.

  • [[Signing In/Out]]

My Page

  • My Privacy Settings[new page]

  • My Basic Information[new page]

  • My Photo[new page]

  • My Bio[new page]

  • My Addresses[new page]

  • My Phone Numbers[new page]

  • My Groups[new page]

  • My Email Addresses[new page]

  • My Password[new page]

  • Inviting My Friends and Colleagues[new page]


    • Quick People Search[new page]


  • My Groups[new page]

  • Participants[new page]

  • E-mail[new page]

    • Sending, reading replying, printing[new page]

    • Multiple addresses[new page]

    • Searching Archives[new page]

  • Viewing by Category or Topic[new page]

  • General Subscriptions[new page]

  • Searching Groups[new page]

  • Moderating My Group[new page]

    • Editing My Group[new page]

      • Basic Information[new page]

      • Privacy Settings[new page]

      • Email List Information[new page]

      • Group Category and Topics[new page]

      • Inviting Members[new page]

      • Adding Members[new page]

      • Adding Moderators[new page]


  • Group Libraries[new page]

  • Folders[new page]

  • [[Uploading/linking: adding, editing, deleting]]

    • Book reviews[new page]

    • Documents[new page]

    • Member Stories[new page]

    • Member Links[new page]

    • Web Links[new page]

  • Searching Libraries[new page]

  • [[Viewing/downloading]]

  • Rating[new page]

Forums[new page]


  • Personal vs. Group Blogs[new page]

  • [[Add/create post]]

  • Edit post[new page]

  • Delete post[new page]

  • View post[new page]

  • Add Blog Category[new page]

  • Edit Blog Category[new page]

  • Searching Blogs[new page]

Notepad Wikis

  • [[What is a Notepad or Wiki?]]

  • Notepad Editing[new page]

Administering My Community Network

  • Managing Members[new page]

    • Adding New Members[new page]

    • Importing People[new page]

  • Editing Site Content[new page]

    • Modifying Language Content[new page]

    • Editing Categories[new page]

    • Synchronizing Master Language Tables[new page]

    • Synchronizing Help Wiki[new page]

  • Managing Forums[new page]

  • Reports[new page]

    • Development Roadmap Report[new page]

    • Person Profile Change Report[new page]

    • Bounced Email History Report[new page]

  • Foreign Languages[new page]

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