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What Do I Do If I Feel A Member Of A WORKGroup Has Violated The User Agreement Or Is Attacking Me


What Do I Do If I Feel A Member Of A Discussion Has Violated The Community Network User Agreement Or Is Attacking Me?

Remember that every member has agreed to abide by the guidelines we have set up for use of the Community Network, by acknowledging the User Agreement when they join the network. They know that if they violate the User Agreement, Group moderators do have the option of removing them from the Group. Many Groupmoderators and members create additional guidelines for their own Groups, which new members will need to agree to in order to participate. We always recommend the individuals involved have a private email exchange, or better yet, a telephone conversation to clear up any simple misunderstandings. So many times, something that comes across offensive is not intended that way, or is some other form of miscommunication. Or someone could regret what was said in haste and will apolotize. If talking on an individual level doesn't work, Group moderators can be contacted to help members resolve their issues, using good communication skills and common sense.

One thing that never seems to work is to publicly confront someone about something that they said about you. It tends to put people on the defensive, and tends to polarize Group members, who invariably escalate small issues into large ones. Please, please take private concerns about someone to them privately.

When personal communication does not resolve an issue, you can contact your network administrator for assistance.

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